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Frequently Asked Questions

The PREMIER rent a car FAQs section is an useful source for you to find out answers for any of those questions you may have about the service we provide. Please follow the links to find out the answers:

You can change/cancel your reservation the latest 48 hours before your rental starts. To do so, please email us at the address given in the reservation confirmation or simply give us a call.
One rental day is based on 24 consecutive hours. If you return your car after the agreed deadline you will be obliged to pay for the additional day.
The minimum to rent with PREMIER Rent A Car is 21 year age and held license for a minimum of 1 year.
One rental day is based on 24 consecutive hours. If you return your car after the agreed deadline you will be obliged to pay for the additional day.
You can use the vehicle outside Serbia only in agreement with PREMIER Rent-a-Car. Extra fee is NOT charged.
PREMIER Rent-a-Car guarantees that we will be at our airport stand even if the flight is delayed if you have provided us with the right flight number.
Yes. However, please make sure to indicate the name of the other person when you pick up the car. This is important because of the insurance and in case police stops you. Extra fee is NOT charged.
You pay for your rental during the pick up and contract signing unless you booked your vehicle at a special offer.
Yes, if you inform us prior to your drop off and at additional cost.
The renter of the vehicle is solely responsible for any traffic offense fines and related administration fees incurred during their rental period.
When you book with PREMIER RENT A CAR the price you are quoted already includes the basic insurance needed should you be involved in an accident. This includes Legal Liability, Third Party and Public Liability insurance, rental rates also include Theft Protection* and Collision Damage Waiver* with a non waivable excess between 200 euro and 800 euro depending on rental car group. What is not included is PAI (personal accident insurance covers case of death or invaldity) and SUPER CDW ( extra insurance, you can buy a non waivable excess). You can check what insurances are included in your rental price at the time of booking or when you reach the rental location. Our agents are always happy to advise and explain the options available to suit your requirements.
These are compulsory insurances in case you damage someone or something else, including passengers and their property, in the rented vehicle. Already included in your rental price.
If the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will, however, have to pay a fixed amount towards the repair costs. This is known as the excess. This applies if you or unknown person were at fault. Fixed amount is from 200 euro - 800 euro depending on car group. Already included in your rental price.
If the rental car is stolen, this will cover the cost of replacing it (or parts of it) up to 200 -800 euro. Already included in your rental price.
Should you have an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger, this daily insurance will cover accidental death, assistance and rescue in amount provided by law. Not included in your rental price. The pice is 3 euro/per day and it is same price for all car groups.
If you wish you can buy a non waivable excess in case of stolen car or rental car damage by taking Super CDW.The price is from 6 to 18 euro/per day, depend on car group.
We recommend you consider taking the optional insurance excess reduction at the time of collecting your vehicle or during booking process on our web page www.rentacarpremier.com . Our SCDW insurance is a supplementary fee, which either removes your liability for the excess or reduces it to a minimal amount.
Standard insurance (CDW) or even Medium with SCDW does not cover damage to wheels, rims, tires, undercarriage, windscreen, back/ side windows and mirror glass. At PREMIER rent a car in Serbia we have developed special insurance which will cover you in this occasion.
Yes, for better travel experience we do even advise clients to further reduce the excess, against payment of an additional fee. When booking on line, please refer to the Insurance Section on the "Choose Extras" page where you will be proposed a Medium (SCDW) or Premium package that will reduce partially or totally the excess. In the case that you have purchase the Premium insurance, you will still need to be pre-authorized to cover the costs rental price as well as all additional charges and extras, if any, and possible incidents, traffic violations and/or refueling cost. This deposit is also intended to cover your excess, which constitutes your maximum liability in the event happening to the car during the hiring period.
What will happen if you cause damage to the vehicle during your rental?

From our experience, our clients drive quite carefully but sometimes accidents do happen. So generally car damages are the exception rather than the rule. It is important to understand how we will manage the damage if it occurs. PREMIER rent a car has developed a clear damage handling policy to explain charges for any damage you or unknown person may make to the vehicle during your rental period.

Sometimes you may not be fully liable

Please note that depending on the type of protection you have selected during your booking process or on pick up, you may not have to pay for the damage, or you may only be partially liable.

Damages identified with you at vehicle return

If you identify car damages with the PREMIER rent a car agent on return, you will need to fill Accident Report. We will provide you an invoice for the costs plus an administration fee for the damage handling and the rental car immobilization that will be charged to you. Repair costs may vary depending on the type of damage: Light damage, which does not affect the safe driving of the vehicle, such as scratches; light impacts on windshield, scratches on bumpers: Charges are made based on the PREMIER rent a car damage matrix sheet available in our rental car locations. More substantial damages impairing the use of the rental car and requiring its temporary immobilization, such as bodywork damages etc. will be charged up full excess amount plus an administration fee for specific car size.

If there is new damage that has occurred on the rental vehicle, this will be noted when the vehicle is returned and you will be charged the applicable cost. If you have experienced an accident and the rental vehicle is no longer drivable, please contact us.